A land cared for with passion for generations

Our family purchased the land on which Agriturismo San Mattia stands around 20 years ago. At that time the vast acreage on which the Ederle Agricultural Enterprise was divided went from the slopes of the hill up to the summit where we are now. We were responsible for a varied production, with grapes from the Valpolicella vineyards to fruit trees, from olive groves to the growing of cauliflowers, rosemary and mulberry trees for silk worms and, what’s more, wheat, corn and many specialised plots spread here and there.

Over the decades we have undertaken many activities, including horticulture in greenhouses, truffles, the cultivation of alfalfa for the Riding Centre’s horses, which was created in the 70’s. The countryside changed form, adapting with the changes of time and the generations. As of 2005 we started to work on the renovation of the vineyards and of the entire Agricultural Enterprise, according to the standards of quality, modern viticulture and management that respects the environment, which has led us to achieve biological certification for all our products.

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San Mattia Agricola Ederle di Ederle Giovanni Mattia e C. s.s. - Via Santa Giuliana, 2/A - 37128 Verona (Vr)
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